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The Integrated First Year Experience is based on the concept of First Year Seminars, both as they have been implemented on this campus (PSY120) and how they are implemented at other institutions. First Year Seminars are generally defined as “discussion-based courses {with}… a strong emphasis on creating community within the classroom” . Literature indicates they can be very effective in fostering a sense of belonging, and in encouraging critical inquiry.


Regularly taught 100-level general education courses throughout the curriculum become First Year Experience (“FYE” or “FY”) courses, much like the current “W” courses. Faculty would propose to teach these courses on a section-by-section basis and students would be required to take at least three (3) of these courses within the first 30 credits. Ideally taught by full-time faculty, the sections would enroll first year students only and be capped at 22 students per section. Additionally, the sections would include some elements from two categories: