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Welcome to West-Collections

What is West-Collections

West-Collections is a digital repository for the works created by the Faculty, Staff and Students here at WestConn. The purpose of the repository is to expand the audience for the works created at Western and help assure the preservation of these digital works.

How it Works

This repository is built upon an open source software package called DSpace. DSpace was developed at MIT by the MIT libraries and the Hewlett Packard Corporation. Various schools and universities around the world are using DSpace.

The main organizing principle of DSpace is communities of interest. Any group of faculty, students, or staff with a common research or teaching interest can establish a community. Examples of collections produced by communities might include

  • faculty research, both pre-print and post-print,
  • research data,
  • student research,
  • departmental masters thesis,
  • student publications.

The library is responsible for managing the repository as a whole but each community shares responsibility for managing their collections. Collections can be strictly managed or provide almost no restrictions for submitting items to a collection. Learn More about how DSpace works.

How to Participate

To participate in West-Collections you need to contact the library in order to create a community and establish a person who will act as the administrator for the community. Once established users can register and become members of the community and submit to the community's collections.


If you have any questions about the repository or would like to establish a community please contact:

Brian Kennison 837-8847
Veronica Kenausis 837-8818


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