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Migration Schedule
Posted by Edward Iglesias on Tuesday July 25, @11:14AM from the dept.
To avoid confusion this is the latest schedule. Before

Tuesday, Jul. 25th III will bring down the existing service and repartition the hard drive to allow us enough space to complete the upgrade on the existing server. this will be done after hours and should not affect any of the libraries.
Wednesday, July 25th Prep. this requires that

  • There are no suspended invoices
  • All invoices have been posted
Thurday, Aug. 3rd Upgrade. We will be down all day as we upgrade to 2005. The next week we will be testing to make sure everyone can log in etc...

Wednesday Aug. 9th Migration Assuming everything is functioning correctly with 2005 III will bring us down and migrate the server. This is being done with the 2005 release allowing us ample time to upgrade to 2006 when it is most appropriate for us.

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